Today’s Buzz – 8 June, 2014

raffic police intensify patrols
The Traffic Department may confiscate the vehicles of motorists who overtake from the right side, it was officially announced yesterday.
The department has decided to intensify patrols to control “the most common violations” like overtaking from the right side and parking at slots reserved for persons with special needs.
Traffic Department assistant director Brigadier Abdullah bin Nasser al-Thani said a two-pronged strategy that included awareness campaigns along with strict implementation of the law to curb violations had been launched.
[Source: Gulf Times]

Parents call for ‘realistic’ approach to fee revision
Many parents in the Asian expatriate communities, including Indians, want the authorities to involve them in the process of deciding on proposals for fee hikes by schools.
The parents have also called for a “realistic” approach to the issue, taking into consideration factors such as the quality of education provided as well as other financial constraints.
This comes in the wake of some schools being allowed to raise their fees by 1.5% to 4%. While the quantum of hike is nominal, the parents argue that they, too, should be permitted to become part of the deliberations on such issues to allow them to voice their concerns.
[Source: Gulf Times]

Cars to be seized for overtaking from right
The Traffic Department has warned of stern action against motorists overtaking from right side as well as those parking in slots dedicated for the disabled.
Vehicles getting involved in these two common violations repeatedly will face confiscation for a period of one month or more, besides the fines stipulated by the law, the Department said yesterday.
[Source: The Peninsula]

UK media report triggers boycott campaign
Recent corruption allegations made by the British newspaper Sunday Times against Qatar’s 2022 FIFA World Cup bid has prompted some citizens to launch a campaign on social media urging Qatar to stop investments in the UK.
The campaign in Arabic on Twitter titled “No to investment in Britain” has evoked a positive response from a number of citizens. Noted Qatari writers and columnists as well as popular Qatari social networking sites have also come out heavily against the ongoing campaign against Qatar led by a section of the British media.
[Source: The Peninsula]