Been in Qatar long enough to remember these?

When weekends meant Thursday and Friday. The decision to shift weekend to Friday and Saturday came in 2003 to bring Qatar closer to world standards.

When phone numbers only consisted of six digits.

When restaurants near Ramada intersection (especially Pizza Hut and Caravan) were the only hangouts for high-schoolers and dining-out options for most people.

When Qatar banknotes had ‘Qatar Monetary Agency’ printed on them.

When taxicabs were orange and white, and privately-owned. These were replaced by Karwa taxis in 2004 that were launched by Mowasalat, the state-owned public transport company.

When Al Meera was called Muntazah Cooperative. The Law No. 24 of 2004 stated the transformation of consumer cooperative societies into a Qatari shareholding company, and hence Al Meera Consumer Goods Company Q.S.C. was established in 2005.

When Al Ghazal Club, Falcon Club and Doha Club were the only recreational clubs in Doha.

When Doha Toy Town was the only entertainment area for children.

When Aladdin’s Kingdom and Palm Tree Island (above) were two major family excursion sites.

When Gulf Cinema and Doha Cinema were the only two cinema theatres for moviegoers.

When September 3, not December 18 was a national holiday. September 3 marks Qatar’s Independence Day, but it was celebrated as the National Day until 2007.

When QTV Channel 2 was the only English television channel available; Nick Kelly and Gina Coleman were the most prominent news anchors on the channel.

When Doha Sheraton, Gulf Sheraton (present day Marriott Doha) and Sofitel (present day Mercure Grand Hotel Doha City Centre) were the only three major hotels in the country.

When Doha Sheraton was the only structure that constituted the Doha skyline; GEMCO building (now Al Mana Tower) was the tallest building on Suhaim bin Hamad Street and the neighbouring landscape was nothing but a vacant plot of land.

When all major intersections such as the ones near the Mall and the Radisson Blu Doha, and present day Crazy signal were all roundabouts.

When Mesaieed was called Umm Said.

When the price of gas was less than 25 dirhams per gallon.

When UAE-based Khaleej Times newspaper was the preferred source of news in the country, and Young Times was the most sought after weekly magazine among teenagers and kids.

When the Centre, Salam Plaza and Sana were the only shopping ‘malls’.

When Gulf Air was the sole air carrier around the Middle East. Qatar Airways started operations in 1994.

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