Former HMC patient urges public not to ignore heart attack symptoms

Heart attacks are one of the major causes of death in Qatar each year with numerous patient admissions to Hamad Medical Corporation’s (HMC) Heart Hospital for various heart-related conditions.

Fifty-five-year-old Graham Foxwell, who cheerily referred to himself as Happy Heart Graham, says he hopes his story will be a cautionary tale for others. The UK native, who has lived in Qatar for about 13 years, found himself requiring the assistance of HMC’s Ambulance Service and Heart Hospital earlier this year.

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Today’s Buzz – 8 June, 2014

raffic police intensify patrols
The Traffic Department may confiscate the vehicles of motorists who overtake from the right side, it was officially announced yesterday.
The department has decided to intensify patrols to control “the most common violations” like overtaking from the right side and parking at slots reserved for persons with special needs.
Traffic Department assistant director Brigadier Abdullah bin Nasser al-Thani said a two-pronged strategy that included awareness campaigns along with strict implementation of the law to curb violations had been launched.
[Source: Gulf Times]

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‘Qatari Kitchen’ and other fundraising events during Ramadan to bring the community together

Local initiative ‘See My Culture’ is organising a series of fund-raising events, that will both bring the community together across all nationalities and the proceeds would be used to provide Eid care packages for low-income workers.
The first is a photography workshop by a Qatari photographer Aref Al-Ammari that will be held on 6 and 7 July at Katara Cultural Village, after the Taraweeh prayers. Participants can learn about the basic of lighting in photography, composing the image, lighting techniques and other tricks and trades of the business. The best photograph will be awarded a prize from Vodafone. Registration fee is QR400 per head.

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Turtle hatching season begins; join the group of turtle watchers this Saturday

Ever watched turtles hatch? Perhaps on Animal Planet. But here’s a chance to watch this beautiful spectacle live in Qatar.
Neil McBride, a Qatar resident, has started the Qatar Turtlewatch group so that people could share in this amazing experience. He’s organizing a trip this Saturday, around dusk time, to Fuwairit beach.

It’s been only a year, and the group’s activities have been limited. He hopes to expand it into a larger social network for like-minded people.

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Hiring a domestic worker is first responsibility, then a convenience

First, let’s define who a domestic worker is as per our laws; they are any employee deemed to work within a household which includes (but not limited to) cooks, nannies, drivers, maids and gardeners. Their sponsor or employer is an individual and not a company. It is also important to note that fishermen and farm workers are not included in the labour laws, and consequently suffer the same plight as domestic workers. Further, domestic workers earn 30% less than the average worker in Qatar.
Qatar’s constitution clearly states that all are equal before the law, and no one (be it nationals or migrants) is to be discriminated against. To that extent, the labour law affords protection to workers, and in principle ensures fair and ethical treatment.

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