About JustHere Qatar

JustHere Qatar is an action-packed magazine-style news website that  aims to be the voice of a community without borders.

JustHere covers everything that is of interest to those who live in Qatar, and call it home be it for a year or a lifetime. It looks deeper into issues that affects the residents and provides commentary and triggers debate.

Its rich and original editorial content, and interesting take on life in Qatar, makes it a one-of-its-kind portal in the country.

The journalists and commentators who write for JustHere Qatar are drawn from different nationalities, and the site is the only English one that provides a platform for young Qatari voices.

With this rich mix of writers, JustHere Qatar:

  • Looks for answers to the questions uppermost in your mind.
  • Tries to answer those questions you are not sure how to ask.
  • Creates a link between expatriates and nationals through healthy debates.
  • Speaks of serious issues that need immediate redress.

JustHere is the voice of the city.