355 recruits pass out from Police Training Institute

Director General of Public Security (DGPS) HE Staff Major General Saad bin Jassim Al-Khulaifi, witnessed the graduation ceremony of the fourth foundation course for new police recruits. The ceremony was attended by a number of directors of departments of the Ministry of Interior and Lekhwiya Force as well as parents.

The course was held at the Police Training Institute from 1 Jan 2017 until 22 May 22, 2017, where 355 new police recruits attended. His Excellency the DGPS wished the graduates all the success and achievement in their work fulfilling their covenant in front of God to provide a distinct security service for citizens and residents alike. He called on young Qataris to join the police force and participate in preserving the security of the country.

“The Police Training Institute is proud of this occasion, as it has added to its account the graduates of this course”, Major Ali Saud Al-Hanzab, Assistant Director of the Police Training Institute. He adds: “The course was aiming to prepare and qualify the security personnel to a level that suits their security requirements, within the framework of the Qatar National Vision (2030) and Ministry of Interior Strategy that always seeking to train and qualify the human element in the field of security as the main pillar in the security strategy”.

He noted that 355 recruits attended in this foundation course that continued for almost four months where the participants were given security and operational training in order to make them the most efficient and competent to carry out the duties of the modern policing in maintaining the security and safety of the community.

Major Ali Saud Al-Hanzab thanked the graduates of the course for their discipline and their continuous quest for success as evident from the good results they achieved.

The course aimed to prepare the recruits from the civil status to the military status in order to carry out their functions efficiently and effectively by providing them with the necessary legal, administrative and police information and providing them with the necessary skills. The course included sports and military trainings and lectures on the Qatari Penal Code, Criminal investigation, police operations, rights and duties of security function, security sense and art of dealing with the public as well as classes on first aid, police communications, computer and civil protection.

HE the DGPS honored the outstanding graduates. Adnan Al-Shaghdari was the topper of the course while Muhammad Ali Jarallah Al-Marri was selected as the ideal student, Mohammed Riyad Goudi as best sportsperson and Abdul Noor Muallim as best military person.